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Book An Appointment – Acupuncture:

If you’re contacting us via email, then please mention which service you require and who you would like to see.

Remember to include a brief description of your pain, what you think caused it and mention any other relevant information. This can include if you have any pain going from one area of your body to another area. As an example, your main problem may be low back pain, but do you also have pain that radiates down the leg; or into the front of the thigh, on one side? both sides?

Important: please mention if you have any numbness around the groin area, any difficulties going to the toilet and any major health conditions that you have. Also tell us about any medicines you take or surgeries that you’ve had. This helps us to think about whether you may or may not need immediate referral prior to seeing us in clinic.

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Call us to book an appointment now, if we’re not available to speak at the moment of your call, we’re most likely engaged with helping someone else at that particular moment in time – rest assured we will call you back ASAP

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Here is a list of common questions we get asked which may be of some use to you, and here are common questions relevant to Osteopathy, although they are also relevant to seeing Svetlana Wise as she also follows a similar process in clinic to Phil Wise.

Book An Appointment – Acupuncture

Here is a link to current research surrounding Acupuncture

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