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What is ‘Baks Osteos’?

Baks Osteos‘ is the name of Bak’s new YouTube channel and I’d like to introduce you to it. Its purpose is to show videos of how you can help prevent yourself coming to see me in the first place. I hope you enjoy them and I welcome any suggestions that you have for further video content.

Uploads will be mostly tips on how to avoid pain and the videos will be short and to the point. I will likely vary this and introduce other themes in the future. Please send me ideas if you would like to know about anything in particular.

As always, please like, subscribe and share to your friends. This helps us as much as them as we would like to help raise awareness of these simple pain avoidance tips.

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How to find Baks Osteopathy Maidstone from the College road car park.

How Can Baks Osteopathy & Cranial Clinic in Maidstone Help You?

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