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Trust Osteopathy To Help

Why trust Baks Osteopathy to help you with back, neck & shoulder pain help / relief?

As highly trained practitioners, with decades of experience between us, we use our knowledge & expertise to work with all manner of conditions which can cause you pain. These include low back, neck & shoulder pain, but also sciatica, upper back pains, tension headaches & stress related pains. Even irritable bowel syndrome can be helped & more commonly, arthritic pains. People often come to us due to long NHS waiting lists & not needing to see a GP before booking. Our practitioners are highly experienced & keen to help you obtain pain relief as soon as possible. We have been helping the people of Maidstone & surrounding areas become more mobile & pain free since 2006. This is why you should trust Baks Osteopathy to help you. Emergency appointments are available, please call or book in online

Osteopath in Maidstone

Phil, the registered Osteopath at Baks Osteopathy worked for nearly 13 years as lecturer & examiner for the prestigious European School of Osteopathy (ESO). Whilst there, he taught hundreds of students including doctors, physiotherapists & surgeons. They all came to learn more effective ways to help their patients out of pain, without the need for medicine or surgery.

Cranial Therapist in Maidstone

Svetlana, the registered Acupuncturist and Cranio-sacral (Cranial) Therapist at Baks Osteopathy has previously worked as a Medical Doctor & Cranial Osteopath. Whilst in her home town of St. Petersburg, she helped run the Russian Academy of Osteopathic Medicine. She studied Osteopathy at the ESO in Maidstone & learnt Cranial Osteopathy from some of the world’s leading lecturers on the subject. Svetlana was recently published in a peer reviewed journal for her work with her Chinese Medicine Masters degree.

Why Trust Baks Osteopathy To Help You?

So I hope to have answered the question “Why Trust Baks Osteopathy To Help You?”

If you have any other questions, you can call us & book a free Osteopathy telephone Consultation. This will enable you to talk to us about any physical problems you may be having.

The outcome would be to give you an idea if Osteopathy is likely to be able to help you or not. Provided it is, then we can book you in for a time that is convenient to you.

Pain Relief: Trust Osteopathy To Help You

If you would like to call us then please do just that. If you want to go right ahead & book in, then see our bookings page. There, you can book straight into our diary, we look forwards to seeing you in our Osteopathy & Cranial Therapy clinic soon.

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