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Migraines Headache & Stress Tension

There are several reasons for migraines, headache & stress related tension, mostly not serious. Once the cause is established headaches can often be helped by simple changes in lifestyle & diet. One cause can be tension or strain in the muscles & joints of the neck & upper back.

Tension headache is the most common type of headache people experience. It’s difficult to say precisely how common, as estimates from different studies have varied wildly, but most people will have a tension headache at some point in their lives.

Those studies which have tried to determine how many people experience tension headaches suggest that:

Around half of adults experience tension headaches at least every month, & about 1 in 30 adults experience chronic tension headaches (headaches on more than half of the days for three months or more) – although some of these cases may be medication-overuse headaches (medication-induced headaches) & it may therefore be an overestimation.

How can we help?

Treatment can be administered using various approaches & the one which will suit you better can be discussed at your consultation.

Treatment might include massage to tight muscles & gentle articulation & manipulation can loosen various joints. Those of the neck, thorax & back are especially important as it relieves muscular tension that can lead to headaches & stress.

Other treatment approaches such as Craniosacral therapy are more suitable for those not wanting to be moved around too much. Craniosacral therapy is also beneficial for the younger & older generations due to its gentle nature. There its a multitude of evidence for this approach to treatment even though it is less well known. Please refer to our ‘Research Evidence‘ page for further reading on this subject.

Lifestyle & habits

We can also advise on exercise & lifestyle changes & offer guidance on simple changes to your posture when at work or driving which may help. Sometimes it’s the habits and rituals in our lives which exacerbate problems such as migraines & stress related tension. Let us help find your root cause & see if what we can do for you. You may be needlessly suffering.

Migraines & stress related tension

You do not need to be referred by your G.P. & you can continue taking any medications that your G.P. may have prescribed

Book in with us to see if we can help you. We now can offer appointments immediately via our online booking service. Head over to our appointments page or book in using the green button link below.

Baks Osteopathy provides Osteopathy & Craniosacral Therapy for headache & stress relief.

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