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Inflammation, Osteopathy & You

The purpose of this page is to talk to you about the importance of following your bespoke treatment plan as set out for you by your practitioner. Regardless of whether it is our Osteopath Phil or our Cranial Therapist Sviet.

What do you mean? ‘a bespoke treatment plan’

Simply put, it’s a plan for you to follow which helps to get you out of pain & back to your old self. It does this using Osteopathic principles & technique (from us), plus certain exercises & habit adjustments (from you) to reduce joint pain/inflammation. This plan will help you tread the road to recovery with confidence.

The treatment plan comes in 3 stages & each stage is designed to allow you the freedom to decide what you want to do next & how close to having optimal health you want to be.

What is Optimal Health

So firstly then what exactly is ‘Optimal Health’? Well, optimal health includes having a “state of complete physical, mental & social well-being.”

We are not mental health practitioners nor are we financial advisors. However, we can help you physically feel better using Osteopathy & Cranial Therapy.

You may also be advised to amend certain aspects of your lifestyle, such as diet, exercise. It may also benefit you to change certain habits in order to obtain optimal results.

Bio-Psycho-Social model of health - Inflammation, Osteopathy and You

Why is Optimal Health So Important?

Having optimal health helps to provide you with a higher quality of life whilst also helping to prevent injury when going about your everyday activities.

Inflammation is the root cause of most discomfort & significant organ dysfunction. It can be aggravated/maintained by structural/mechanical imbalances in your body. We can help diagnose & treat these for you; often they are otherwise unnoticed, but not without negative physiological effects.

Some of the effects you’ll notice in everyday life are that you might not sleep so well, for no apparent reason. You might be stressed or agitated more than usual or unable to relax like you used to. Sometimes you might even develop an intolerance to certain foods or liquids which you used to be ok with.

This is a sure-fire way to know that your body is suffering the effects of inflammation & that you need to do something about it, sooner rather than later.

Inflammation – How It Harms You

There are two types of inflammation, Acute (recent) because e.g. your back has ‘locked up’ or Chronic (long term) because your body couldn’t clear the acute phase properly.

Whatever the type of inflammation it is, there are immediate & long term negative effects on your health.

Following the stages of your treatment plan reduces inflammation & provides you with a clear route to better health. Greater benefit is obtained when you do this in conjunction with adequate nutrition & exercise.

Osteopathy & Cranial Therapy – How It Helps Rid You Of Inflammation

First: I always recommend that you eat an anti-inflammatory diet & do as much exercise as you are able.

Your bespoke treatment plan has been designed specifically with you in mind. It has three stages:

  • Stage One: is designed to help free up restricted areas mentioned in the session & reduce acute inflammation, swelling & pain.
  • Stage Two: is designed to stabilise the area & underscore the changes made so far, whilst continuing to reduce restriction, acute inflammation & pain using a whole body approach to treatment.
  • Stage Three: is designed to provide you with a maintenance treatment once every 6-8 weeks to help prevent recurrence of pain related problems. Regular treatment also helps you to reduce chronic inflammation levels. It also gives you an opportunity to discuss any concerns or help you need with your general health.

Online Booking

Please make sure you follow your treatment plan, it has been made for your specific benefit. Discuss any concerns you may have or alterations you may wish to make during your appointment. I’m always happy to be flexible with my approach to treatment & our time working together.

The easiest way to book in for a few follow up appointments is to use the booking portal link below.

Should you wish to take advantage of block booking, then you can now do that for weekday appointments. You will need to call us to book this or arrange it at your next appointment. We offer six appointments (as per weekday rate) at the discounted fee of £275 rather than £300*.

*Terms: Appointments must be used within 9 months from the date of purchase. If you are unable to attend a weekday appointment & a weekend appointment is required then a £9 premium will be payable at the time of your appointment, as per our current pricing for weekend appointments.

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