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What’s the difference between a Physio, a Chiropractor & an Osteopath?”

This is top of our frequently asked questions, so I hope this helps clear things up.

The answer is not simple as there are many good examples of all of these professions. However, a Physio tends to work with you by giving you exercises & some minor body work treatment. This may include a little massage & possibly joint mobilisation, if you’re lucky.

A Chiropractor may or may not do some of what a physio does. They may also use much stronger joint mobilisation techniques as & when necessary.

Both of these rarely give more than 20 minute appointments

An Osteopath generally will have many of the techniques listed above as common knowledge & use them often. Adjusting joints is our Osteopath (Phil’s) speciality. Other approaches to treatment include much softer forms, such as Cranial technique, loved by those who prefer gentler approach. The outcome of this is generally a more balanced & relaxed feeling after treatment.

Everyone is different however & it is up to you how you decide to obtain pain relief & relaxation. Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves, and we offer a 40 minute appointment minimum, so the choice is yours.

How many treatments might I need?

This is governed by the body’s response to treatment & your ability to manage any ergonomic / lifestyle changes. For basic musculo-skeletal problems, an average of 4-6 treatments to stabilise acute or chronic injury is usual. This is followed by several more treatments to delve deeper into balancing your body. Followed up with maintenance treatment to suit the individual.

If you think that the average human has many organs, bones, muscles. It has thousands of chemical reactions every second, billions of neurones, trillions of cells and many miles of nerves in the skin. Treatment is more than just pushing bones or muscles.

It will take time to change how each of these interacts with one another to ease your symptoms. Orthodontists may take up to two years to just change a bite pattern. A lifetime’s amount of wear, tear & abuse (on a physical, stress or dietary level) won’t be fixed in one go. 

There is a reason I use many treatment approaches / techniques in clinic. It’s because there is usually more than just a simple answer to many of our symptoms & ailments. The more tools I have at our disposal the more likely I will be able to help you. Please also accept that I am doing everything I can to help you. If I think that someone else might be more suitable to help you, I will tell you, & refer you on.

Thinking logically

Be aware: you may have had your symptoms for a while, but been building up to this point for years. Your body, however much it is suffering, may be used to being ‘wrong’. If this is the case, then logically, it is highly unlikely that you will get a ‘quick fix’.

Even if your symptoms improve quickly, don’t forget that if your body is not used to being ‘correct’. It can very easily ‘slip back’ again. Please trust & listen to me when I ask you to do things & also when I ask you to return. Even if you are feeling ‘alright’. This is for your own good and I will not treat you more than is necessary.

What can Osteopathy do for me?

This is one of the least frequently asked questions, but still worth mentioning. For an in-depth look, check out Osteopathy page, the highlights of which are written below.

Osteopathy can reduce pain & improve function, which changes your physiology, thus enabling you to lead a more normal life.

This may mean you can now continue your favourite sport or pick up your children / grandchildren.

It may also mean that work becomes less stressful due to decreased pressure being placed on your body from within.

Running, gardening or simply walking can become as easy as it did many years previously.

Does it hurt?

In the majority of cases no it doesn’t. Remember that you will likely be in pain when you first come to see me. This means moving you around whilst you are in pain already can sometimes be a bit painful.

This is kept to a minimum by constant feedback between us & I do all I can to keep you comfortable.

Please tell me if you feel uncomfortable with anything I are proposing to do, or that I am currently doing. That way I can make sure you receive the best experience when you come to see me.

Final points

Remember that at all times, you are in control of your consultation. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, then we encourage you to tell us. That way, we can do our utmost to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible.

You are also allowed to bring a chaperone if you feel you need it. We have two armchairs available in the practice consulting room. There is also ‘Lightening’ & ‘USB-C’ charging available free of charge whilst you are with us. Just ask.

Please be aware that you may need to undress so that your spine & pelvis is visible. This will enable a proper Osteopathic examination to take place. If you feel uncomfortable with undressing to underwear, then that there are of course options. You are welcome to wear shorts & a strappy top if it is more comfortable for you.

Please understand that if you want to remain completely clothed, this may affect my ability to give you 100% of what I would normally. This is because if I can’t see how your body works, an accurate body adjustment may not be possible. Please make sure you discuss any concerns about this with me.

That’s all of the frequently asked questions that I can think of right now, let me know if you have any more and I’ll be happy to answer.

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