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Are you a bit fed up with all the various restrictions on our social habits? Do you think twice before going in for the handshake or the hug? It’s difficult isn’t it, with all the talk of COVID being on the rise again to know what to do for the best.

I personally have chosen to remain relatively distant from others (where possible) for the sake of my vulnerable relatives and patients, as one thing is for sure, you never can tell where COVID is likely to come from next, and who will pass it one to who, and will the person that gets it get a severe form of the disease, or have nothing more than a sniffle and a bit of a cough.

Why not check out this great (and very simple to use) interactive graph which allows you to customise different scenarios to give a visual representation of your likely risks associated with the potential spread of SARS COV 2 (COVID) in all of its current forms during the interactions you make with others on a daily basis.

Why not check it out and play with the different scenarios? It’ll enable you to decide how best to approach the scenarios with the various risks factors displayed plain to see.

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