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picture of subdural haematoma on human brainAugust 2022 Baks Blog

Subdural Haematoma

Subdural Haematoma: what is it & why do I need to know about it? Phil Wise explains via commonly held knowledge from public health resources such as the NHS and …

Bottle of Ibuprofen Baks Osteopathy Blog: Which is better for pain relief - Osteopathy or Drugs?April 2022 Baks Blog

Osteopathy or Drugs?

In this blog post I wanted to answer the question, “Which is better for pain relief – Osteopathy or drugs?” as I do get asked a question worded similar to …

covid virus moleculeBaks Blog December 2021

COVID transmission via droplets or via aerosols? – what’s the difference?

Until recently, the principal route of COVID-19 transmission was thought to be through respiratory droplets. Droplets are larger respiratory particles that fall quickly and thus disperse over short distances of …