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I don’t know about any of you who’re reading this, but I fell into daydreams during history class when at school. Suffice to say, history was never a strong point for me. However, I do have an interest in the history of one of Maidstone’s iconic buildings: the Master’s House and the North West College Tower. The house and tower are situated within the All Saint’s College complex, College Road, Maidstone and the tower is home to Baks Osteopathy & Cranial Therapy Clinic.

All Saint’s College

The College was founded by the Archbishop of Canterbury William Courtenay in 1395 and subsequently passed onto an assortment of clergy. The college buildings were split from the church in 1546, with the Church being retained by the Parish. The college was sold and owned in succession by a Baron, a lady, an Earl, a Knight, another Earl and another Knight. Later, it was gifted to Maidstone Borough Council who are the current owners.

College Road, Maidstone showing College Farm and the Gateway to the former College of All Saints and the tower of All Saints Church. Home of Baks Osteopathy & Cranial Therapy Clinic

The North West Tower: a.k.a. the River Tower

Baks Osteopathy & Cranial Therapy Clinic

The North West Tower is attached to the Masters House and is also joined to the college gateway. This ‘River Tower’ (or another name – the ‘Muniment Tower’) is located on the north-west corner of the building. This is where our consultation room is: steeped in history, a stronghold for the rough times faced in days past and in days present.

Modern History

The Master’s House

In more recent times, rooms within the Master’s House and College Tower have been let to office based firms. These include; ‘gdm architects‘ a local RIBA Chartered Practice whose projects include housing, medical, educational and commercial schemes.

Futures for Children‘ was forged to aid the fostering of children and operate from within both buildings. They do fantastic work helping those most vulnerable and are also the leaseholders of the Master’s House and College Tower.

Gemmology Rocks are based in the Master’s House. They offer a unique blend of gem testing, gem dealing/sales and lecturing as a part of their business.

There are even fully fitted Hair and Beauty Salons within the Master’s House called ‘Hair Boutique‘ and ‘Caroline’s Beauty Room‘. These two business are conjoint and operate from the same floor next to each other. They aim to transform you into the best version of you and do a mighty fine job of it too.

Baks Osteopathy & Cranial Therapy Clinic

The College Tower

On the floor above us there is ‘Make Some Noise‘, a fully fitted recording studio. The studio is completely noise-insulated and was previously at another location in Maidstone for 17 years before moving here recently. As well as recording mature bands and soloists, young musicians are also welcomed into the studio – although parental supervision may be required dependant upon age.

On the opposite side of the hall from our surgery, there’s an educational business called ‘Advantage Tuition‘. Their aim is to assist children with extra subject tuition which is available as a group or on a one to one basis. They help children become more confident in their subjects, making them more likely to pass their 11+ and GCSE exams.

Which then leaves – well, us!

Baks Osteopathy & Cranial Therapy Clinic

Who are we?

Phil Wise, a Registered Osteopath and Svetlana Wise, a Registered Acupuncturist were previously at the David Lloyds Gym (in Lockmeadow). We were at the David Lloyds for over 17 years before having to move due to the gym closing.

We now occupy the Muniment’s room, within the College Tower at the North Western part of the old college.

Phil Wise Registered Osteopath in Maidstone logo
Phil Wise Registered Osteopath in Maidstone.
Svetlana Wise Registered Acupuncturist in Maidstone logo
Svetlana Wise Registered Acupuncturist in Maidstone.

What do we do?

We help people out of pain by using Osteopathy Craniosacral Therapy & Acupuncture and have been doing so since 2006.

In our surgery, we cater for all types of pain related problems, including neck, back & shoulder pain. We can also help certain types of tummy upsets and headaches.

This list is not exhaustive, so essentially, if you have pain anywhere, or you’re unsure if we can help, then ask us. We’re very friendly and will be happy to speak with you.

If we are with patients when you call, we may need to call you back. We will always do just as we promise and you will always get an answer to your question sooner or later. Alternatively, click on the Book Online link and we will talk to you when we see you in clinic. You can also email us or send us a text.

Baks Osteopathy & Cranial Therapy Clinic

Come and see us at Baks Osteopathy & Cranial Therapy Clinic

Baks Osteopathy & Cranial Therapy Clinic

Since opening the new practice, we have been bowled over with the charm and unique nature of this historic building.

Perhaps you would like to visit us and see for yourself just how magical the old place really is. If so, then contact us via the Book Online link.

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