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Common gym goer pains

People visiting the gym will commonly have problems with tight muscles and achey joints – not everybody of course, but a lot do.

Common problems for gym goers include a natural delayed onset muscle stiffness which occurs after strenuous activities and this is normal, usually lasting 1-3 days and it won’t usually stop you from moving around and going about your usual daily activities.

Not all muscle & joint pains are equal

There are others who will have pain related to a specific area (a joint, a muscle or a combination of both) which persists each time they go to the gym and for a long time after they have stopped exercising.

Though it may subside, it doesn’t go away completely.

If you have muscles/joints with aches which won’t go away, then you should consider seeing an Osteopath for assessment of the problem and the necessary treatment.

Osteopathic treatment usually helps relieve and/or eliminate these muscle and joint pains.

How would Osteopathy help?

Osteopathy is a philosophy of treatment which takes into account the whole body and its’ function, alongside your current circumstances and general health.

An Osteopath will check to see how your body balances itself and how all the body parts inter-relate to each other.

The theory is essential such that, if your body is not optimally balanced and connecting to it’s constituent parts in a harmonious way, then we should not be expecting it to perform to its’ optimum when we exercise.

By making subtle, yet necessary changes to the body structure, then we can bring about a better function of the whole body – not just the muscles and joints.

It’s been found that Osteopathy can improve organ function too, so you really can be healthier.

In this study where Osteopathy was compared to Standard Medical Care (SMC), 68% of the patients treated using Osteopathy had definite improvement vs just 18% using SMC

Some might argue an indisputable advantage of having Osteopathic treatment. It also begs the question, what other organs does Osteopathy positively affect?

Exceptional circumstances

In certain cases, Osteopathy is not the best remedy and if this is the case, after assessment, you will be directed to the most appropriate care for your particular problem.

This may be A&E if you happen to have torn a muscle tendon for example, as these cases can potentially require surgery.

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