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In this short post, we just wanted to thank all the people who have ever allowed us to help them at our Maidstone clinic, since we opened in 2006 and to emphasise our commitment to best value pain relief.

Over these last four turbulent years, we’ve had a pandemic affecting us all, a war in Ukraine displacing millions and disrupting commodities throughout the world, we’ve all had struggles in one form or another, but the one consistency for our patients has been the fee we have charged for helping you out of pain.

Now, four years on from the last time we raised our prices in the Spring of 2019 and like many other businesses, we have had to raise them again.

We struggled with the idea at first, as everyone was having some kind of financial troubles and we didn’t want to be another burden to them.

As you may know, we moved our practice in July* and as a result, our rent costs changed and this meant we had to make some changes to our fees as well.

To this end, we would like to assure you all that we made changes to our fee structure so that we could continue to remain in our practice and help you with your pain and stress relief needs and that we didn’t do it for profiteering reasons.

Thank you once again for your continued support of our business, the trust you all place in us and the great deal of joy you give us when we’re able to help you get back to work, or your favourite pastime or hobby.

*Our new practice address is: Baks Osteopathy, The Masters House, College Road, Maidstone, Kent. ME15 6YQ.

The telephone number has remained the same, as has our email address.

If you or anyone you know would like to book in and see us then click the link below

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